Welcome to Ecigarette Express

A UK Supplier of Official and Genuine iBreathe Electronic Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarette eLiquid Refills

Welcome to Ecigarette Express. We are an official supplier of genuine iBreathe eCigarette vaping devices and iBreathe eLiquid refills.

iBreathe is a leading and trusted brand of Electronic Cigarette (also known as eCigarette) devices and eLiquids, based in Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. Established in 2011, iBreathe has been at the forefront of innovation, research and endless testing, ensuring that all of their products meets UK and international guidelines for safety and compliance. When you buy an iBreathe eCigarette device or eLiquid refill, rest assured you a purchasing a product of the strictest quality.

100% Genuine and iBreathe Authenticity

When you purchase any eCigarette or eLiquid from Ecigarette Express, you will receive a 100% genuine and authentic iBreathe product, not a fake or imitation like many of the websites on the internet. All of our iBreathe eCigarette device and eLiquid packaging comes with an official iBreathe hologram sealed to the box, so you can be sure that the contents has not been tampered with, nor is it a fake.

So what iBreathe products are available to buy from Ecigarette Express?

At present, we have the full range of iBreathe Premium Range eLiquid and iBreathe Cloud Range eLiquid. We also stock the standard iBreathe Mini eGo Kit Ecigarette vaping pen.